4U Cabinet Price in Kenya: Organize Your IT Setup

Greetings, readers! Today, I want to talk about an essential component for organizing your IT setup in Kenya – the 4U Cabinet. Whether you’re a business owner or an IT professional, having a well-organized and secure network cabinet is crucial for efficient operations. In this article, I’ll be discussing the prices, features, and options available for 4U cabinets in Kenya, helping you make an informed decision about organizing your IT infrastructure.

When it comes to choosing a 4U cabinet, affordability, quality, and security are key considerations. In Nairobi, you can find the best 4U cabinet prices, ensuring that you get the most value for your money. These affordable 4U cabinets in Kenya are designed to offer top-quality durability, providing a solid foundation for your networking equipment.

One such option is the 4U 600 x 450 mm Wall-Mount Rack Cabinet. This cabinet is designed to provide easy access and quick troubleshooting for connection issues. Made from high-quality materials, it offers robust durability once installed. The cabinet comes with a lockable front door and removable side panels, ensuring added security for your equipment. With a loading capacity of 60 kg and a sleek black color design, this cabinet is both practical and visually appealing.

Now, let’s discuss the pricing. The 4U 600 x 450 mm Wall-Mount Rack Cabinet is available at prices ranging from Ksh 6,500 to Ksh 17,000 in Kenya. And the best part? You can have it delivered to your doorstep today, making it convenient and hassle-free to enhance your IT setup.

Key Takeaways:

  • Affordable 4U cabinets are available in Kenya, offering top-quality at reasonable prices.
  • The 4U 600 x 450 mm Wall-Mount Rack Cabinet is an excellent choice for organizing your networking equipment.
  • This cabinet provides easy access and quick troubleshooting for connection issues.
  • With a loading capacity of 60 kg, it is sturdy and reliable.
  • The cabinet is available in a sleek black color, adding a touch of elegance to your IT setup.

Features of the 4U 450mm Deep Wall-Mount Data Cabinet

The 4U 450mm Deep Wall-Mount Data Cabinet offers a range of features that make it an excellent choice for organizing your IT setup in Kenya. With its 600 x 450mm dimensions and 4U height, this wall-mount cabinet provides a compact and space-saving solution for your networking equipment.

The cabinet is made from high-quality sheet steel construction, ensuring durability and longevity. It comes in one section and requires self-assembly, making it convenient for installation. The cabinet’s front doors are made of tempered glass and are lockable, providing added security to your valuable equipment.

In terms of specifications, the 4U 450mm Deep Wall-Mount Data Cabinet has a loading capacity of 60 kg, making it suitable for various networking devices. It offers a usable depth of 370mm, allowing for the proper installation of your equipment. The degree of protection is IP20, ensuring a safe environment for your IT setup.

Key Features:

  • 600 x 450mm dimensions
  • 4U height
  • Tempered glass lockable front doors
  • Loading capacity of 60 kg
  • Usable depth of 370mm
  • Sheet steel construction
  • IP20 degree of protection

The 4U 450mm Deep Wall-Mount Data Cabinet provides a secure and organized solution for your IT infrastructure. With its compact size, lockable doors, and sturdy construction, it meets the requirements of both small and medium-sized businesses in Kenya.

Investing in a quality data cabinet like the 4U 450mm Deep Wall-Mount Data Cabinet ensures that your networking equipment is kept safe and easily accessible. Its versatile design and robust features make it an ideal choice for any IT setup that requires efficient organization and protection.

Specification Value
Dimensions 600 x 450mm
Height 4U
Front Doors Tempered glass, lockable
Loading Capacity 60 kg
Usable Depth 370mm
Construction Sheet steel
Degree of Protection IP20

Other 4U Cabinet Options for Your IT Setup

In addition to the 4U cabinet, there are several other options available to help you organize your IT setup effectively. These options include the 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U, and 18U data cabinets, each offering different sizes and configurations to meet your specific requirements.

The 6U data cabinet is perfect for smaller setups, providing ample space to accommodate your networking equipment. If you need slightly more storage capacity, the 9U and 12U data cabinets offer additional room while maintaining a compact size. For larger IT requirements, the 15U and 18U data cabinets provide even more space and flexibility.

If you’re looking for a floor-standing solution, the 22U server rack is an excellent choice. It offers expanded storage space and is designed to securely hold your networking equipment. With a sturdy construction, this floor-standing rack ensures the durability and stability you need for your IT setup.

For more extensive setups, the 32U floor standing rack is an ideal option. This rack provides substantial storage capacity and is perfect for businesses with growing networking needs. With its robust design, you can trust it to keep your equipment organized and secure.

No matter the size or complexity of your IT setup, there is a networking data cabinet available to suit your specific requirements. These cabinets are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability. Choose the cabinet that best fits your needs, and take the first step toward a more organized and efficient IT infrastructure.


What is the price of the 4U cabinet in Kenya?

The prices for the 4U cabinet range from Ksh 6,500 to Ksh 17,000.

How can I order the 4U cabinet?

You can order the 4U cabinet by contacting our sales team. We offer delivery services, and you can expect to receive your cabinet today.

What are the features of the 4U 450mm Deep Wall-Mount Data Cabinet?

The 4U 450mm Deep Wall-Mount Data Cabinet is a wall-mount cabinet made of high-quality materials. It has a loading capacity of 60 kg and comes with lockable front doors for added security. The usable depth is 370mm, and it is available in black color.

Are there other options available for organizing my IT setup?

Yes, there are other options available. We offer 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U, and 18U data cabinets, as well as a 22U floor standing rack cabinet for more storage space.

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