Are Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof?

Are Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof?

No, the Galaxy S8 is not waterproof but water and dust resistant. Water resistance is not the same as waterproof. The difference is that a device with water resistance is designed to handle incidental exposure to water like rain or spills, while waterproof devices are designed to withstand immersion in water.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has IP68 certification, which means it is completely protected against dust and can resist water up to 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes.

Generally speaking, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is safe from water damage unless it retains any water inside its body after being submerged in a liquid. The phone should be fine if it only remains in contact with the liquid for a couple of seconds.

Sometimes, if you are wearing a ring or have your keys in your pocket with the phone, the water may enter through an opening that just holds a cap and not the entire body of the phone. In this case, water can remain inside the device and damage it.

What Are Samsung Galaxy S8 Features?

Samsung galaxy s8 features are the reason why it is one of the best smartphones around. With this phone you will get:

Elegant Design

The Galaxy S8 expands on Samsung’s design legacy with a huge Infinity Display, a bezel-less, dual-edge display that occupies more than 80% of the phone’s front screen. Elements that are visually invasive are kept to a minimum, resulting in more usable screen space.

The gentle curvature of the Galaxy S8 extends from the front to the back of the device, creating a more ergonomic grip suited for one-handed usage.

The phone’s camera, fingerprint scanner, and heart rate sensor have been integrated on the back of the device in such a way that protrusions are minimized, ensuring a sleek appearance from any angle.

One Integrated Experience

The Galaxy S8 UX was designed around the Infinity Display to offer convenience and improve the flow of user interactions. The UX, like the display, is seamless, combining visual and auditory components to create a single, continuous experience.

Scroll Less To See More

The beautiful Infinity Display of the Galaxy S8 is 18% larger than that of the Galaxy S7, providing a substantially more immersive viewing experience.

When viewed in landscape mode, 21:9 movies occupy the 18.5:9 display of the Galaxy S8, while the black bars above and below the picture are minimized, increasing the viewing area by 36% over the Galaxy S7.

This, together with the phone’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) Premium capabilities, allows consumers to view material as the creator intended.

Furthermore, the Infinity Display is shielded by Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5, which is resistant to scratches and external impacts.

Great Photos, In A Snap

The 12 MP F1.7 rear camera’s dual-pixel sensor technology, wide aperture, and rapid focusing work together to produce stunning images even in low-light circumstances. The front-facing 8 MP F1.7 camera boasts improved autofocus functions as well as facial recognition technology that can recognize and track faces to give clear, focused selfies regardless of the distance between the user and the camera.

A New Way To Interact

Although Bixby, Samsung’s new intelligent interface, is still in development, it was designed to improve how users interact with their Galaxy S8.

The user-friendly and comprehensive interface uses contextual awareness to learn about users’ routines and give relevant information, and may be accessed by pressing a specific hardware button or saying “Bixby.”

The Speech feature’s multimodal nature allows users to control numerous apps at the same time using voice and touch instructions interchangeably. Bixby can control the settings and functionalities of each service without interfering with other things that users may be working on.

Seamless Transition From The Smartphone To The PC

Samsung DeX is a new service that allows consumers to utilize their Galaxy S8 as if it were a desktop computer by enabling a seamless and secure mobile-to-PC transition. Users can use DeX to access apps, browse the web, send messages, and more straight from their phone on a larger display without carrying multiple devices or transferring data.

Security Is The Priority.

The integration of Samsung’s trusted Knox security platform and a combination of new and improved biometric technologies strengthens the security features of the Galaxy S8.

The highly secure iris scanner on the Galaxy S8 is fast, accurate, and touch-free, making user authentication easier than ever. Samsung’s famous fingerprint scanning and new facial recognition capabilities round out the device’s security features.

The Galaxy S8 also includes a number of security features, such as Secure Folder, an encrypted folder that keeps private information separate and safe with an added layer of security, and Samsung Pass, which allows users to easily log into mobile banking apps and websites via the Samsung Internet Browser using biometric authentication.

Are Samsung Galaxy S8 Unlocked Phones?

The Galaxy S8 are unlocked phones. Unlocked phones are phones that are usable with any carriers. The galaxy s8 works with GSM and CDMA networks. The Galaxy S8 also works with all carriers in the world right now.

If you want a phone that is unlocked, the Galaxy S8 is a good choice for you. The S8 could possibly be your next phone if you are looking for an unlocked phone.

Is Samsung Galaxy S8 5G Compatible?

The S8 is compatible with the current 5G networks. The S8 works with the new standard of wireless 5G. The phone also supports both gigabit LTE and 4G LTE at a lower speeds. A few regions don’t support it right now but more should get it in the near future. 5G speeds should be just as fast or faster than home broadband speeds.

5G may be super-fast, but it’s not just about quicker speeds. IoT is about helping the globe become more interconnected (Internet of Things).

5G is revolutionary because it will allow more gadgets to concurrently connect and operate. There will be more than 100 times as many connected devices in a single location.

5G’s network speed will be 10Gbps, compared to 10Mbps for 4G. That is a tremendous acceleration.

How Much Storage Space Does The Galaxy S8 Have?

The S8 has 64GB of internal storage and also supports microSD cards up to 256 GB in size. MicroSD cards are sold separately. The Galaxy S8 is also available with 128GB of internal storage, which is not expandable.

Does Samsung Galaxy S8 Have Wifi Calling?

The S8 does have WiFi Calling. WiFi Calling works on all carriers but is not available in some areas of the U.S. or internationally yet. It helps reduce the cost of calling internationally by letting you send and receive texts, messages, videos and photos over a WiFi connection instead of a cellular connection.

As with other Samsung devices, you can use your phone to make calls over WiFi calling when connected to a compatible carrier’s network (or hotspot). The other person needs to be on an approved carrier for this feature to work.

Does Samsung Galaxy S8 Support Wireless Charging?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 does support wireless charging. The phone has a built-in Qi wireless charging plate that is also compatible with the other Qi-enabled devices. The charging pad may be sold separately.

The device also has fast charging which charges the phone in less than two hours, and can be extended to 30 minutes via wireless charging.

The S8 supports Quick Charge, which allows the phone to charge faster even when it’s not being used. Quick Charge 2.0 is supported, but not 3rd party chargers. Wireless charging is supported with chargers that supports Qi standard.



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