Does Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Support Google Assistant?

Does Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Support Google Assistant?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra supports Google Assistant, a virtual assistant that you can interact with using your voice. It allows you to ask questions, make phone calls, check the weather and much more.

You can also use Google Assistant to control your home by using your voice. For example, you can ask Google Assistant to turn on the lights or order an Uber car. Google Assistant is yet another thing that makes the Galaxy S20 very cool.

If you’re using Google Assistant, do not be surprised if it does not understand what you’re saying. While it’s very much like Siri, Google Assistant is still in beta.

As a result, the voice recognition is not as good as what you may be used to with Siri. But that’s why Samsung offers Samsung Bixby; a voice assistant that Samsung prides itself on.

Does Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Support Stereo Speaker?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra supports stereo speaker. Stereo speaker is a feature that lets you listen to music and make calls while enjoying stereo sound.

You can connect the earbuds of your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra to the built-in stereo speakers or headphones, which will play audio easily.

Stereo refers to the use of at least two separate audio channels, and on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the top and bottom speakers work in tandem to produce stereo sound.

These AKG-tuned stereo speakers feature Dolby Atmos surround sound effects that deliver three-dimensional sound that appears to come from multiple directions.

Does Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Support USB OTG To Sync Files?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra supports USB OTG. USB OTG (On-The-Go) is an advanced feature that lets you connect your phone to USB storage devices.

For example, you can connect the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra to a USB flash drive or read SD card files on your computer. You can also recharge your phone by connecting the power bank to the USB OTG port.

If you want to use another device with your phone, then USB OTG makes it possible. You can also use this feature to transfer data from one device to another and vice versa.

With this feature, you can connect external hard drives, mice, keyboards and even portable game consoles to your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

If you have connected an external device with a USB cable, you will be able to transfer files between your device and that device using the same function.

Does Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Come With Earphones?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with earphones. This allows users to listen to the contents of their device without disturbing others.

The earphones are neatly packed in a box and are available with the purchase of the handset. The accessory package includes different sized silicone ear tips.

These are meant to ensure a proper fit for the ears of the user. With these accessories, users can easily enjoy listening to music, videos, and more from their device.

Does Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Support VR Gear?

No, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra does not support VR gear. This is understandable, considering that the partnership between Samsung and Oculus (the company providing the VR gear software) was terminated. 

Virtual Reality (VR) makes it possible for users to watch videos and play games in an immersive manner using their device. With the right accessories, users can use their device to watch 3D movies and play games such as Beat Saber and Skyrim.

Can Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Play 360 Degree Videos?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can play 360 degree videos. These videos are meant to be viewed from various angles. Having an immersive experience is one of the major perks of using Samsung’s latest phone.

360 degree videos boast good quality, in addition to a wide range of content. With other manufacturers, consumers are limited to what they can play and watch on their device.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra also comes with a feature that allows users to view 360 degree videos in 3D mode. 360 degree videos make it possible for users to explore a video in its entirety.

They are recorded using multiple cameras arranged at different locations to ensure that the entire video is covered when played on a compatible device.

With the help of a special player or app, users can easily watch and explore this content on their Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra by moving their device and even zooming in.

This makes it possible for them to watch videos as if they are right there experiencing what is happening in the video.

Does Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Support One Hand UI?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra supports One Hand UI.  One Hand UI is a feature that makes it possible for users to use their device with just one hand.

With One Hand UI, users can scroll through the information on their device without having to take their hands off of it.

This is convenient for those who are multitasking, such as those who talk on the phone while driving and those who are listening to music while cooking.

To enable One Hand UI:

  • Navigate to your device’s Settings > Advanced Features
  • Select the One-Handed mode
  • Flip the Use One-Handed Mode switch
  • Depending on the action you chose, you can activate One-handed mode by swiping down on the screen’s center bottom border or by double-tapping the home button.
  • To modify the minimized window’s orientation, tap the arrow icon; to exit One-hued mode, tap the window’s black border.
  • To change the size of the window, simply drag the blue dot in the top-right corner of the screen to the desired size.

Does Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Support Split Screen Feature?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra supports split screen feature. The split screen feature enables users to use two apps at the same time on their device by splitting the screen.

This is convenient for those who want to multitask and save time. For instance, users can watch a video while looking up sports scores on the internet or check their social media account while listening to music.

Since most apps are designed for single screen use, using this feature unlocks the full functionality of certain apps.

To split your screen:

  • First, tap the Recent Apps button on the left side of the navigation bar.
  • Swipe the screen to locate the application for which you desire a split-screen view.
  • Tap the app icon at the app’s header.
  • Tap Open in a split-screen view.
  • Choose the second app from the list

Now, you may simultaneously use the messaging app and YouTube on your smartphone.

Does Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Support Themes?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra supports themes. With themes, users can change their smartphone’s color and background to their liking. Themes also allow users to personalize the look of their device by changing its icons and widgets.

A wide range of themes are available from the Google Store, allowing users to find a variety of aesthetics that they associate with different interests. To enable themes:

  1. Navigate to your device’s Settings > Personalization > Themes
  2. Select the Theme

Once you finish downloading and installing themes, you can select the theme you want from the pop-up menu.

You can also switch from one theme to another by pressing the home button and swiping to another theme’s header icon. This can be done for as many themes as you want. To remove a theme, simply select it again from the pop-up menu or choose disable from the same menu.

Can I Use Live Wall Papers On My Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra?

The Samsung S20 Ultra enables you to use live wallpapers on your smartphone. Live wallpapers are special apps that display images and patterns on your device’s homescreen.

These apps use various images, animations, or videos to create a dynamic experience on the phone. Live wallpapers are useful for those who want something new and fun to look at every day.

With live wallpapers, users can change their homescreen’s theme and background multiple times every week. They also enable users to customize their homescreen by editing widgets.


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