How Do I Schedule Do Not Disturb On My Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G?

How Do I Schedule Do Not Disturb On My Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G?

Scheduled do not disturb allows you to turn on do not disturb mode for a specific time on your Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.

This means that you can have do not disturb mode turned on from 10pm to 6am every night. You can set this up in your phone’s general setting.

You need to swipe down from the top of your phone to open the notifications panel, then press and hold on general until you are in the quick settings page.

Press on do not disturb and use your finger to drag the slider until you are happy with the time you want it to be on. Tap on schedules and then follow the instructions on how to setup your schedule.

How Do I Turn Off Talk Back On My Samsung Galaxy S21 FE?

Talk back is a feature on your Samsung Galaxy S21 FE phone that speaks out text messages, notifications and other messages while they are being shown on your phone.

This means that you do not need to press anything to read it. This is useful if you are in a noisy place and cannot hear your notifications, or you have visual impairment.

However, this sometimes can be a nuisance to some users who do not want their phone to speak out loud.

You can turn this off in your phone’s settings. To do this, open up the notifications panel, then press and hold on general until you are in the quick settings page.

Press on accessibility and then swipe left until you reach talk back. Press on this, then select off.

Can You Facetime On Samsung Galaxy S21 FE?

No, you cannot facetime on your Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. Facetime is a video chat app that you can use to video call with people over the internet.

This is a great feature, especially if you are not near any Wi-Fi networks. However, this feature is only available on Apple phones and iPads.

If you don’t have a phone that has facetime, you can use Skype. Skype is a video calling app that is compatible with computers and mobile phones. To do this, you need to install the app on your phone and open to start the call.

Is Samsung Galaxy S21 FE A Good Phone?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is a good phone. As it has many great features such as a long battery life and a good camera, this phone is great for anyone who wants to take photos or videos.

Also, if you want to take selfies or video call friends and family then the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is a good choice.

The phone’s camera can take a wide range of photos, and the phone’s display is bright, so you will be able to see it clearly even when outdoors.

You can also set the brightness level of your phone if you want and use the flash to take pictures in low light. You can also take videos on your galaxy s21 FE with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels.

The phone does have 5G connectivity, which means it can connect to different networks.

The battery life on this phone is quite good. You should be able to get around 33 hours of battery life with normal use, although it will not be as good as some phones.

However, you can top up the phone’s battery with a micro USB charger if you want to charge it quickly or if it runs out of juice while you are out and about.

The storage on this phone is 128GB and 256GB, which should be enough for most users. However, if you have many photos or large apps and games installed on your phone then you will start to run out of space.

Can You Connect AirPods To Samsung Galaxy S21 FE?

Yes, AirPods can be connected to your Samsung Galaxy S21 FE phone. AirPods were released in 2016 and are Apple’s wireless headphones.

This means that you do not have to hold the earpiece to the phone when you are speaking and listening to music. Once you have connected the AirPods to your phone, you will be able to use them as headsets.

You need to connect the AirPods to your phone by first charging them up. Then open your settings, in there you will see an option for Bluetooth and then select it.

When you do this, a new page will appear with a list of available devices that are paired with your phone. Select your AirPods and click on connect. When you do this, the AirPods should be recognized by your phone, and you need to select them now.

To do this, you will see a new screen appear on your phone, and then tap on the pair button that is there. This will connect the AirPods to your phone.

After doing this you can use them as normal headsets with calls and music streaming from any compatible phone app that supports Bluetooth.

Does Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Have IR Blaster?

No, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE does not have an IR blaster. An IR blaster is a feature that you can use on your phone to control devices in your house using the infrared signal of your phone.

This cuts down the need for you to get up and change channels or set timers when cooking. It will also help you to programme electronic devices with your phone as well, rather than having a remote control for them.

In most cases, you will find that an IR blaster comes built into mobile phones that are part of a particular range or brand.

Why Does My Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Keep Saying Moisture Detected?

There are a few reasons why your Samsung Galaxy S21 FE phone might say moisture detected. However, most of the time it is because your phone is damp and needs to dry out before it will work again.

The phone will say moisture detected to warn you that there is a problem with the screen and that you need to leave it somewhere dry for a while. Many people have experienced moisture detected on their phones before.

After replacing the battery and making sure that the screen is clean, simply plug your phone into a charger and let it charge overnight. It could also be due to a fault with the phone and you will need to take it to the nearest service centre.

Can I Trade In Samsung Galaxy S21 FE?

Yes, you can trade in Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. Trading in your old phone for a new one is a good way of getting money off a new phone. This is because you are taking out the cost of the old phone and putting some money towards the new one.

The trade in value of your phone will also be included in your upgrade as part of the amount that you pay when you buy a new phone. Samsung has a trade-in program that you can use to get money off a new Galaxy phone.

However, you can only trade in your phone if it is in working condition and you have followed the steps correctly. You will need to refer to the Samsung website on how to do this properly.

Selling your old phone online through sites such as eBay can be a good way of getting cash for your old phone. Once you have sold the phone, it will become someone else’s problem.

If you are not happy with the offers that you get for your old phone, then there are lots of places that will give you some money for it, depending on the condition and so on.



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