How Do you Use Galaxy Phone In Sun?

How Do you Use Galaxy Phone In Sun?

It is common for your phone to become warm or increase in temperature as you use it. This commonly occurs when playing graphically intensive video games, making video calls, or streaming in hot weather.

Heavy use or anything that places additional demand on your battery can force your phone to work harder than usual, resulting in overheating.

How to cool your phone

There are a few actions you may do to reduce the temperature of your smartphone if you notice that it is becoming uncomfortably hot to hold.

1. Remove Your Smartphone From Direct Sunlight.

If your phone is left in direct sunlight, it will continue to heat up. Remove your phone from direct sunlight and allow it to cool.

2. Use Device Care

Battery and Device Care can be used to optimize your device. This will assist reduce memory usage and stop any running background applications.

3. Close All Unnecessary Apps

Your apps will continue to use a portion of your phone’s battery and processing resources even after they have been minimized. Close any unused applications, especially those that are graphically intensive.

4. Turn Down The Brightness

While a brighter screen may be easier to see in direct sunlight, it also consumes more battery life and raises the device’s temperature. In the display settings, adaptive brightness should be disabled. Adaptive brightness will enhance the brightness automatically when it senses sunlight.

To switch off adaptive brightness:

  1. Swipe two fingers down from the top of the screen to display the Quick Panel.
  2. Tap the arrow adjacent to the bar to alter the display’s brightness
  3. Toggle the “Adaptive Brightness” switch.
  4. Modify the resolution


A higher screen resolution indicates that more pixels are displayed simultaneously. This will increase your device’s memory and battery usage, causing it to overheat. If you believe your device is overheating, reduce the screen resolution in your display settings.

Please note that this feature is not offered on all models.

To alter the screen resolution, select a lower resolution from Settings > Display > Screen resolution.

6. Check Your Power Mode

If your gadget is feeling warm, you should examine the current power mode. If your gadget is heating up, you should switch to a power-saving mode. To activate power saving mode, swipe two fingers down from the top of the screen to expose the Quick Panel, then tap “Power saving mode.”

7. Remove Your Phone’s Case

Consider removing your phone’s case to allow it more space to cool.

8. Remove Your Smartphone From The Car’s Cradle

Using your device in a car cradle will likely cause it to become hotter than usual. Your device will be exposed to greater sunlight in car cradles while using mobile internet, Bluetooth, and charging. Charging a device always causes a rise in temperature.

9.  Turn On Airplane Mode

Airplane mode disables non-essential features on your phone. Turning your phone temporarily into airplane mode may help it to cool.

10. Update Your Phone

Updates to your apps and operating system ensure that your mobile device runs as efficiently as possible. If there are pending app or software updates, try installing them on your device.

What Are The Specs Of Samsung Galaxy A02s?

Using the 6.5-inch Infinity-V Display of the Galaxy A02s, you can observe how less screen provides a larger perspective. With HD+ technology, your everyday content appears bright, crisp, and crystal clear.

Galaxy A02s mixes elegance of sleek design with traditional colors. Its refined curves make it easy to handle and facilitate screen navigation. A contemporary matte finish gives a soft, non-shiny surface texture and is available in Black, Blue, and White.

The 13MP Main Camera allows you to capture memorable moments in crisp clarity. Customize the depth of field using Depth Camera, or zoom in on the details with Macro Camera.

With the 2MP Macro Camera, you may discover details you may have otherwise missed. It creates a natural Bokeh effect to your photos, enabling your subject to stand out against the background.

The 2MP Depth Camera allows users to modify the depth of field in their photos. You may easily fine-tune the blurring of the background behind your subject to create portraits of exceptional quality.

With the Galaxy A02’s 5MP Front Camera with Live Focus, it’s simple to take amazing selfies that emphasize the subject and minimize the background.

The 5,000mAh (typical)* battery allows you to continue your activities for hours on end. And with up to 15W of Adaptive Fast Charging, the Galaxy A02s is rapidly recharged.

The Galaxy A02s combines an octa-core processor with up to 4GB of RAM for rapid and efficient task-specific performance. Enjoy 64GB of internal storage or add extra space with a MicroSD card of up to 1TB.

Samsung Galaxy Does Not Ring When Someone Calls?

Although your ringtones should play whenever you receive an incoming call or text message, there may be a number of reasons why you cannot hear them. You may have enabled options such as Do not disturb, Airplane mode, and Focus mode, for instance. These can prevent ringtones from being audible.

Note: Your phone will not ring when someone calls from a blocked number or if you have call forwarding enabled.

Increase the volume on your device.

Close all apps and stop playing any media before increasing the volume of your device using the volume keys.

Confirm the setting of your ringtones.

You can set a basic, custom, or contact-specific ringtone for your phone. It is also possible to set alert and message sounds and tones.

Check if Mute all sounds is enabled.

Check if the Airplane mode has been activated.

Check the Digital Wellbeing modes.

Select Settings, followed by Digital Wellbeing and parental controls. Tap Digital Wellbeing. Check the following modes under Disconnection Methods:

Focus mode: If Work time, Me time, or a custom mode you designed is active, the icon for that mode will be red and the other icons will be gray. Tap the currently active mode, then tap End Focus mode.

Tap Bedtime mode or Wind down mode, and then tap the switch to turn it off.

How Fast Is The Samsung Galaxy S8?

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are compatible with Gigabit LTE and Gigabit Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ features 1024-QAM, resulting in up to 20% quicker download speeds compared to the last generation. Therefore, while downloading large files or transferring data, speed is not a concern.

The breakthrough of the 10nm processor, which consumes 20 percent less power, makes the Galaxy S8 and S8+ faster and more efficient. As a result, apps launch quicker and battery life is increased.

Why Does My Samsung Galaxy Keep Restarting?

Apps from a third party can cause sporadic or constant reboots of your smartphone.  Follow these actions to resolve this problem. To discover if an app is causing the issue, you can conduct a software update, a factory reset, or enable Safe mode.

Download manual updates.

  1. Open Settings on your device by navigating to the Settings menu.
  2. Select Software update or System updates by swiping and tapping the corresponding option. It will vary by model.
  3. Tap Download and install or Check for updates to the software. If an update is available, it will begin downloading automatically, though on certain devices you may need to hit Download now.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions once the download is complete to install the update.

Ensure your gadget has sufficient storage space.

If your smartphone lacks sufficient storage space, you can free up space with Device care. Additional files can be backed up using Smart Switch, your Samsung or Google account, or both.

Check your mobile phone following the update.


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