How Does Bixby Vision Work In Samsung Galaxy A50?

How Does Bixby Vision Work In Samsung Galaxy A50?

Samsung has released their own voice assistant for the Samsung Galaxy A50, with Bixby Vision.

This feature allows for example, you can point the camera at a piece of clothing, and Bixby Vision will pull up similar items from the internet, you to snap a photo of something and instantly identify its ingredients or an object from a museum and learn about it in detail among others.

You can also use this to translate signs across the world or even find recipes in case you want to replicate the dish at home. To use Bixby Vision, all you need to do is open the camera and point it at the object.

You will then see a window pop up where you can view what Bixby Vision has identified about the object. To confirm that you have understood, click on the blue button for yes or yellow for no.

How To Use Bixby On Samsung Galaxy A50?

Samsung Galaxy a50 is packed with some hidden features that the ordinary users might not be aware of. These features, if used in correct manner, can help you a lot. “Bixby” allows you to make calls, send text messages and read news either through voice or touch screen. Bixby Voice is available on the Samsung Galaxy A50.

However, unlike other smartphones, the A series lacks a dedicated Bixby button. Instead, the Power button will activate Bixby, and you will need to find another means to turn off your phone. To use Bixby Voice:

  • To activate Bixby on the A50 for the first time, swipe down from the top of the display to access the Quick settings menu. Swipe left and then press the Power button to activate Bixby.
  • Once the Bixby screen has shown, follow the on-screen instructions to configure Bixby Voice. Don’t forget to add a quick-access App screen shortcut.
  • Regardless of which A series phone you are using, you can now call Bixby by hitting and holding the Power or Side key.
  • When you wish to turn off your phone, enter the Quick settings panel by swiping two fingers down from the top of the display.
  • The Power icon will display next to the Settings icon when you tap it. Then, select the option you desire, such as Power off or Restart.
  • If you do not wish to utilize the Power key to call Bixby, you can configure the Side key, use voice wake-up to contact Bixby, use the Bixby Voice shortcut from the App screens, or disable the Power key for Bixby feature.

Does Samsung Galaxy A50 Come With A Bezel Less Display?

Samsung Galaxy A50 comes with a bezel less display. Bezel less display means that the display panel is smaller than usual, but has a border on all four edges. This is to allow for better screen-to-body ratio and gives more screen real estate.

A bezel less display is a trend that is currently sweeping the market. Bezel less display has made its way to most popular smartphones lately. Bezel less display makes the smartphone more stylish, portable and easier to use.

Does Samsung Galaxy A50 Support Auto Or Adaptive Brightness?

Samsung Galaxy A50 does support auto or adaptive brightness. It is a technology that automatically adjusts screen brightness depending on the ambient light levels in the room. This helps conserve battery as well as prevents your eyes from straining.

It is a boon for most of the smartphone users who are often on the road and do not have time to manually adjust the brightness level of their smartphones. Adaptive/auto brightness is being increasingly used in smartphones these days, so it comes almost as a standard feature on most smartphones.

Does Samsung Galaxy A50 Have An Edge To Edge Display?

Samsung Galaxy A50 does have an edge to edge display. Edge to edge display means that the display panel has no borders on all four edges. This is to allow for better screen-to-body ratio and gives more screen real estate.

The design of edge to edge display makes it look much more stylish and stylish than a phone with regular borders or bezels. It makes the smartphone look more appealing and attractive than any other phone in its range.

A lot of people use edge to edge display instead of a regular borderless display because it provides better usability.

Does Samsung Galaxy A50 Display Support HDR10+?

Samsung Galaxy A50 does not have a display support for HDR10+. HDR or High Dynamic Range is a technology that plays an important role in the future of television and movies. More specifically, it is a display specification which allows for more accurate representation of colors and contrast levels.

This makes the image delivered on the screen look a lot more realistic. At present, all HDR TVs come with a few standard specifications which specify what color gamut should be used to deliver correct color levels on screen. However, HDR10+ allows for the use of a wider gamut of colors.

How Much Display Refresh Rate Do We Get On Samsung Galaxy A50?

Samsung Galaxy A50 supports a display refresh rate of 60Hz. Previously, the display refresh rate was specified as Hertz, but it is now in millihertz (mHz). There are two reasons for this:

60 Hz is equivalent to one frame being displayed every 1/60th of a second. This is an acceptable refresh rate as one’s eyes can only detect motion blur at speeds above that mark. 60 Hz is so-called the minimum display refresh rate that should be chosen by all HDMI-equipped displays.

mHz is a measure of the number of times a second that a display refreshes its image. The lower the mHz, the faster it refreshes its image. Since Samsung Galaxy A50 has an HDR and/or higher pixel density panel, it can support a higher refresh rate than ordinary displays.

Is Samsung Galaxy A50 Good For Gaming?

Samsung Galaxy A50 is fairly good for gaming. As compared to other smartphones from its price range, Samsung Galaxy A50 has a lot of features which make it a perfect choice for gaming. It comes with an octa-core Exynos processor and Mali-G71 MP2 GPU.

Moreover, the phone features 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage space which helps in loading more data without slowing down the phone. The phone’s display is a 1080×2280 AMOLED screen which provides vibrant and vivid colors.

However, it may not provide the quality of color expression that a high-end OLED display can. Samsung Galaxy A50 comes with a 4000 mAh battery which may not be enough for a phone with such powerful hardware.

Samsung’s Octa-core Exynos processor and Mali-G71 MP2 GPU are more than enough to run most of the latest high end games in their maximum settings without any lag or stutter.

Does Samsung Galaxy A50 Support OIS?

Samsung Galaxy A50 does not have Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) support. Image Stabilization is a feature that helps prevent jitter or shaking while the camera is being used to shoot a video or to take a photo. As an effect, videos and photos are more stable and clear when they are taken with this technology.

However, Optical Image Stabilization only compensates for horizontal shaking but not vertical shaking. So if a user were to try to shoot a video while doing some activities like walking or turning in circles, the picture would be blurry and shaky.

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