Is Samsung Galaxy A13 5G?

Is Samsung Galaxy A13 5G?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy A13 a 5G phone. 5G is the next-gen network technology that will enable speeds up to 1.2 Gbps. This is 5x faster than the current 4G network. 5G claims to offer speeds that are 3x faster than the 4G network.

5G speeds vary and require optimal network and connection (factors include frequency, bandwidth, congestion).

What’s In The Samsung Galaxy A13 Box?

Samsung Galaxy A13 comes with standard Samsung accessories: 1.3 m USB-C cable, 1.2 m micro USB cable, case & screen guard, SIM ejector tool and user manual and Samsung galaxy a13 full specification.

1.2 m USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter can be purchased separately via Samsung’s website.

Can Samsung Galaxy A13 Use Wireless Charging?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy A13 can charge wirelessly. When you absolutely need your gadget to be operational again, Samsung Galaxy A13 phone support Fast charging and Fast wireless charging.

When you connect a Samsung Fast Charger to your phone, the Fast cable charging feature will activate instantly. This function should be enabled by default, but you can also manually activate it.

Only certain phones support super rapid charging, and you must use the phone’s original charger or a 25W Samsung-approved adaptor.

  • To use a charging option, go to Settings and tap Battery and device care.
  • Select Battery, followed by More battery settings.
  • Tap the button beside Fast charging, Super fast charging, or Fast wireless charging.
  • Connect the USB cord to the phone and the USB power converter to an electrical outlet to initiate Rapid or Super fast charging.
  • Once the phone is fully charged, disconnect the charger from both the device and the electrical outlet.

Does Samsung Galaxy A13 Come With A Charger?

No, Samsung Galaxy A13 does not come with a charger. The charger is only available for purchase via the Samsung website or any other authorized agent.

The charger is compatible to use with the device; however, it is important to purchase the charger from where you will actually get the device. Only use Samsung’s genuine charger.

What Are Samsung Galaxy A13 Specs?

Samsung Galaxy A13 has a 6.6-inch display with a 1,220 x 2,220 pixel resolution and an 18:9 aspect ratio. This is great for watching videos and gaming in mobile mode.

The device is powered by the Exynos 7885 chipset with a Hexa-core CPU clocked at 1.6GHz and the Mali-G72 MP12 GPU.

This makes smooth games, pictures, videos and other media playback functional on the phone.

Samsung Galaxy A13 comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage that can be expanded via memory cards.

The phone is powered by a 5,000mAh battery that is removable. To charge your phone, use the 1.2m micro USB cable in the box to connect it to a power source or wall adapter for charging.

The Galaxy A13 has an f/1.8 aperture lens in front of said main sensor and basic PDAF

Rear cameras: Main camera is 50MP, A 2MP Macro camera and 2MP depth camera.

For security features, the phone has an eye sensor and a fingerprint scanner.

Samsung Galaxy A13 is available in black and gold colors.

The phone measures 165.1 mm x 76.4 mm x 8.8 mm and weighs 195 grams.

1.2m micro USB to 3.5mm audio adapter can be purchased separately via Samsung’s website.

Is Samsung Galaxy A13 Unlocked Phone?

Yes, Samsung galaxy A13 is an unlocked phone. The SIM is a Nano-SIM and it can be used with any network provider. The device is not locked to a particular carrier, so it can be used on any network provider.

Does Samsung Galaxy A13 Screen Protectors Available?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy A13 screen protectors are available via Samsung’s website and other authorized agents. Screen protectors come with installation guides that should be followed to ensure the best results.

Samsung Galaxy A13 has a 6.6-inch display covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection glass. Screen protector is an additional layer of protection for your phone’s screen.

Is Samsung Galaxy A13 Dual Sim?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy A13 has both single and dual-sim models. The device is integrated with a Single SIM (Nano-SIM) or Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by).

What’s The Difference Between Samsung Fast Charge And Samsung Fast Wireless Charging?

Samsung Fast Charge is a name used by Samsung to size up their chargers that are compatible to use with the device. The phone supports Quick Charge 3.0, which means you can use a USB power adapter from Samsung that is 25W or higher and it will charge faster than normal Quick Charging.

If you don’t have either, then you can use Samsung’s Fast Charge wall charger that is sold separately.

Samsung Fast wireless charging means that the phone will charge wirelessly on the Qi wireless charger. Other phones will not charge through a Qi wireless charging pad so this is another differentiator between Samsung’s devices.

Is The Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Waterproof?

No, Samsung Galaxy A13 is not waterproof. However the phone is water resistant meaning it can be used underwater under a certain amount of pressure. In other words, dust, sand and water will not impact the phone’s hardware as long as it is not immersed in water.

If a person were to spill water on his phone, they should dry it off immediately with a dry cloth or paper towel since liquid contact with electronics can lead to short circuit.

Be sure to not expose your phone to water, liquids or extreme climates. Samsung Galaxy A13’s IP68 rating means that the phone is protected against rain and dust.

This means that it can be submerged in up to 1.5m of water for brief periods of time (no more than 30 minutes) without harm. However, trying to dunk your phone in water will void your device’s warranty.

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