Samsung Galaxy A20 Features and Performance

Samsung Galaxy A20 Features and Performance

The Samsung Galaxy A20 debuted on April 12th, 2019. It is a low-cost smartphone with a range of features for its price. The smartphone uses the Android 9 (Pie) operating system.

It is a smartphone meant to stand out from the competition. The phone has an all-screen design and a pop-up selfie camera triggered by touching the screen.

It belongs to the company’s A line of mobile devices. It is the precursor of the Samsung Galaxy J6 and A6 and the successor to the Samsung Galaxy A20s. Here are the smartphone’s key features:

Samsung Galaxy A20 Network:

The Samsung Galaxy A20 is a 4G, or fourth-generation LTE smartphone. This means it is compatible with the 4G network, but not all wireless providers offer a 4G network.

However, the phone is compatible with most wireless networks today and will almost certainly continue to be compatible with existing networks and new ones as they are launched in the future.

It is worth noting that a 4G network does not necessarily mean that it can provide the same speeds as a 5G network, but it’s still very likely that the phone will be able to connect to these 4G networks.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Cameras:

The Samsung Galaxy A20 boasts a dual-camera system consisting of a 13 MP primary camera with an f/9 aperture and a 5 MP ultra-wide (secondary camera) with an f/2 aperture.

This system enables depth-sensing and bokeh effects in pictures. The camera offers different settings to create beautiful images, such as a Pro mode and an outdoor mode, letting users modify blur, white balance, exposure, and color temperature.

The 13 MP main camera with an f/9 aperture provides an 85° field of view, making it suitable for broad photographic applications.

In addition, the f/2 aperture of the secondary camera enables increased light-gathering capabilities and depth-sensing effects in photographs.

The Samsung Galaxy A20 also comes with numerous photography modes such as a beauty mode, a panoramic mode, a slow motion video mode, and a professional model. This allows users to modify focus point and exposure variables as they take different images.

The front-facing camera is 8-megapixel with an f/2.0 aperture. It lets users capture selfies using a wide-angle lens and eliminate blemishes, wrinkles, and other defects.

The front-facing camera also offers a beauty option, a selfie light, an animated face feature, and a creative mode.

It also enables facial recognition, allowing users to unlock their devices using face data instead of typing in a password.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Display:

Screen Size:

The Samsung Galaxy A20 includes an infinity-V display Super AMOLED 6.4″ FHD+. The infinity-V display of the Samsung Galaxy A20 is its primary feature, it curls over the borders of the screen to produce bezels that are undetectable when the screen is switched off.

The screen resolution is 720 x 1560 pixels. This resolution is Full HD and is compatible with practically any app or game available in the store.

Its Aspect ratio is 19.5:9, indicating that the screen is longer and thinner than most other smartphones on the market.

The pixel density of the screen is 268 ppi and this implies the screen is exceptionally crisp. Its density is also enough to generate a clean, sharp image.

The resolution utilized in the Samsung Galaxy A20 is known as HD+. The screen refresh rate is 60Hz, indicating that the screen refreshes 60 times per second.

This will guarantee that the phone is responsive, whether you are using it for browsing applications, playing games, or watching videos on YouTube.

With a screen-to-body ratio of 84.5 percent, the screen on the Samsung Galaxy A20 is just about perfect for watching videos.

The display technology utilized in the Galaxy A20 is Super AMOLED, which gives far greater contrast and color accuracy than regular LCD panels.


The Samsung Galaxy A20 includes a bezel-less display that allows consumers to view all the content of their phones without interruption.

The display is immersive and clear, making movies and games much more pleasurable. There is less distraction with the low bezels so that people may view their information without interruptions.

A bezel is a frame surrounding the screen of a phone. In most situations, this frame is utilized as a location to insert virtual buttons for home, back, and recent apps.

Although this enables easy access to these buttons, it also distracts your eyes from the material you are watching on the screen.

This might lead you to overlook critical information or material on your device. Depending on the size of your bezel, this might lead to missing information or inadvertent touches when attempting to read content on your phone.

The Galaxy A20 has a bezel-less screen that lets customers see all the content on their phones without interruption.

The gadget sports an AMOLED display, which means it has superior color saturation to an LCD and generates more bright colors than an LCD.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Dimensions And Weight:

The Samsung Galaxy A20 measures 158.4 x 74.7 x 7.8 mm and weighs 169 grams. The phone is quite compact, making it easy to operate with one hand, especially for individuals who have smaller than normal hands.

It features a screen size between medium and quite large, which is good for most people. Due to its compact size, the Galaxy A20 is perfect for folks with smaller than normal hands, making it easy to operate with one hand.

In addition, the smartphone offers a thin form, which makes it excellent for individuals who wish to capture photographs or handle the phone in one hand while surfing.

It features a screen size between medium and very large, making it acceptable for most individuals. The phone has a thin form, making it excellent for anybody who wants to capture photographs or handle the device in one hand while browsing.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Memory:

Random Access Memory:

The RAM capacity of the Samsung Galaxy A20 is 3 GB. The phone can store and access 3 GB of data anytime.

This is a rather small amount of RAM compared to other phones on the market, but it is still adequate to deliver an excellent user experience.

It is enough to allow you to utilize several programs without the apps closing or resetting suddenly, which might be frustrating.

However, it is crucial to note that some users may feel that the tiny amount of RAM on this phone is not adequate, especially if they are using the device for high-intensity activity like as gaming.

RAM may be utilized to access and store more data when utilizing multiple distinct programs, allowing the phone to perform quicker than if there was less RAM.

Many users will find this a handy feature, enhancing the device’s speed while functioning better.

Read-Only-Memory And External Storage:

The internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy A20 is 32 GB, which is sufficient for storing data for most users.

This is particularly essential due to the device’s microSD card slot, which allows users to extend the phone’s storage capacity by up to 512 GB. This allows users to store vast amounts of data without fear running out of space.

The device’s highest internal memory capacity is 32 GB, yet it is still sufficient for storing many photos, movies, and music files.

The gadget also contains a microSD card slot, so you can store programs and games without worrying about running out of space.

However, customers who often download big amounts of material may still have storage difficulties, making expandable storage an essential feature.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Battery:

Battery Capacity:

The battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy A20 is 4,0000mAh. This signifies that the phone has a battery capacity of 4-ampere hours.

The battery capacity is crucial since it dictates how long the phone can be used before recharging. A bigger battery capacity implies the phone may be used for a longer time before it has to be recharged.

The average battery capacity on a smartphone is normally approximately 3500mAh, the Samsung Galaxy A20 is significantly above the average.

The battery life is one of the most essential aspects for deciding how long a phone will survive. The Samsung Galaxy A20 delivers up to a full day’s usage before it has to be recharged.

You can anticipate the phone to survive for roughly 14 hours with moderate or 7 hours with intensive use.

Battery Type:

The Samsung Galaxy A20 utilizes a Li-ion battery, which is a type of rechargeable battery. This battery type is noted for its high energy density and ability to keep a charge for a long period.

This is feasible because it employs lithium, which is extremely reactive and can store a large amount of energy.

Another reason that Li-ion batteries can keep such a high quantity of energy is that they are generally employed in small electronic gadgets that are not continually being utilized.

Smartphone batteries tend to live longer since they are used more frequently, especially if the phone has a high battery capacity.

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy A20 is anticipated to last for roughly two days, or two full days, of light use.

This amount will drop if you use your phone for high-intensity games, streaming videos, or taking plenty of photographs.

However, the battery life should stay similar if you are a light user and like to put your phone in sleep mode while not using it. In addition to the battery capacity, examining the device’s power usage is vital.

The battery in the Samsung Galaxy A20 is not removable. This indicates that the battery cannot be removed without specific equipment or methods.

Depending on the requirements and tastes of the user, this characteristic may be beneficial or harmful.

For instance, some customers may prefer a battery that is readily replaceable if it dies or becomes damaged.

Other users may prefer a no-removable battery since it makes the gadget smaller and lighter. The disadvantage is that the phone cannot be repaired easily if something goes wrong.

The opposite is true for other smartphones with detachable batteries. It is crucial to remember that a non-removable battery does not always exclude repair, although it certainly makes it more challenging.

Battery Charging Speed:

The Samsung Galaxy A20 features a rapid charging capacity of 15 mAh. This is enough to have the gadget completely charged within two hours.

The Samsung Galaxy A20 is compatible with Android’s Quick Charge 3.0, meaning that it will charge up to 60 percent in under 40 minutes, which is exceptionally fast by any smartphone standards.

This means you can get the most out of your phone and use it for extended durations without worrying about running low on battery life or waiting a long time before you can charge it again.

The Samsung Galaxy A20 can charge to full capacity rapidly, which means it will offer you a lot of energy in a short length of time.

This can be handy for preserving battery power or ensuring your phone does not run out of juice on long-haul flights or automobile journeys.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Connectivity:

Sim Cards:

Lock Status:

The Samsung Galaxy A20 is unlocked. An unlocked phone is a handset not tied by a carrier contract. This means you can use the phone on whatever network you want.

However, it is crucial to remember that not all unlocked phones operate on all carriers. Each carrier employs different technologies.

Thus it is crucial to ensure that the unlocked phone is compatible with the carrier you wish to use it on. The second thing to examine is how you acquired the Samsung Galaxy A20.

If you purchased the phone via a carrier, the phone is likely limited to that network. However, the phone will likely be unlocked if you acquired the phone from an independent third-party source, such as a shop.

Number Of Sim Cards:

The Samsung Galaxy A20 also features a dual-SIM card slot that can be used in multiple ways. Users can insert two SIM cards that offer access to different phone networks or use one card to access a work network and another for personal use.

It is also possible for users to have the same carrier on both cards, which is useful for those who want to have multiple lines of service with the same carrier.


Samsung Galaxy A20 is compatible with Near Field Communication (NFC). This feature allows the device to exchange data with other NFC-enabled devices and accessories.

NFC may be used for various purposes, including file transmission, content sharing, and payment processing.

The A20’s NFC functionality enables users to exchange content and data with other NFC-enabled devices by simply touching the devices together. This feature’s ease of use makes it perfect for most individuals.

This is one of the biggest features of the Galaxy A20, providing a smooth user experience while sharing photographs or transferring data with other individuals or devices.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Sensors:

Fingerprint Sensor:

The Samsung Galaxy A20 does contain a fingerprint sensor. This feature allows users to unlock their smartphones fast and effortlessly.

In addition, it may be used to lock the device, add fingerprint-secured profiles to apps, and even make payments on associated cards or devices.

The fingerprint sensor on the Samsung Galaxy A20 delivers a smooth and flawless user experience. It may be used to unlock the smartphone fast by merely tapping it down.

It is also handy for locking the gadget so no one else may access it without your permission. This simple feature makes it easy for customers to unlock their smartphones and access secure portions of the phone for purchases, watching films and listening to music, or completing other chores.

The fingerprint sensor on the Samsung Galaxy A20 is a helpful feature that allows users to swiftly and effortlessly unlock the handset.

The sensor is positioned on the back of the phone, which means it can be spotted easily when your eyes stare at the screen.

It also lets you access protected phone areas, such as making payments or accessing secure folders and data.

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