What To Use To Get Pictures Off My Broken Samsung Galaxy S8?

What To Use To Get Pictures Off My Broken Samsung Galaxy S8?

Sometimes, your phone gets damaged and when you attempt to remove a picture off it, you are unable to. This is because the image or video has been saved to the internal or external storage of the phone.

If this is the case, there are few different options that you can use to recover those pictures. First, you can attempt to use phone recovery software in order to retrieve images or video footage.

The software that has been created works off of the internal memory of your phone and tries to read it. The most commonly used software is PhoneRescue for Android.

This may take a while to restore everything that was previously stored on your phone. You will want to ensure that you have the correct USB cable for your device as well because many devices are not alike when it comes down to specific cables and accessories.

Another way is to use DroidKit. This is software that works on the operating system level of your Samsung device.

This option is a little more complicated for most people but it does have the benefit of being able to restore more than one video or image from your phone. Not only that, but this may work if internal and external storage were used to store photos and videos on your phone.

What Are Infinity Effects On Samsung Galaxy S8?

The Infinity Display on Samsung Galaxy S8 is another term to refer to its bezel-less display. Bezel-less is a term that refers to the lack of a border around the display.

The Infinity Display has no stops or borders which allows the screen to stretch from edge to edge. This display option gives you more viewing area without taking up any physical space on your device.

This display is made possible because there are no physical buttons on the device either, only virtual buttons at the bottom of the screen which don’t take up any space as well.

The display is made up of Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology which allows for deep blacks, vibrant colors and rich details in all images.

Bezel-less display are nothing new to Samsung smartphones, but the Infinity display has taken it to a whole new level. It is one of the distinguishing factors of the Galaxy S8 and gives you a clear picture as to what you are about to tap on rather than having to move your finger around before tapping.

It also gives you the benefit of having no interruptions when watching videos or playing games in full screen. The wide screen is truly immersive by design.


Will Samsung Galaxy S8 Work With Tracfone?

Yes, the Galaxy S8 may be used with Tracfone. Tracfone can be used to provide you with affordable cellular service. This will allow you to use your Samsung Galaxy S8 as a phone and take advantage of the other features that it has as well.

The best thing is, you will not have to sign a contract and will only have to pay for the minutes that you use on your phone.

If you use Tracfone prepaid services, you can set up the Galaxy S8 in an unlocked state. This will allow you to go a different carrier if you choose.

You just have to select the carrier and then enter the number that they provide you in order to activate and use your phone.

Tracfone is a cheaper alternative, not only for phone plans but also data plans which are available as well.

There are options to help you save money when it comes to talk and text service plans, which may be all you need depending on your needs.

Does Samsung Galaxy S8 Have IR Blaster?

No, the Galaxy S8 does not have an infrared blaster. The IR blaster is typically used to operate and control various electronic devices from your phone.

This can control your TV, cable box and more by sending remote commands from your phone to the designated device.

If you want to use an IR blaster on your phone, you will need to look into a separate accessory or replacement case that includes this feature. The IR blaster uses infared waves of light to send commands from your phone to another device.

Why Does My Samsung Galaxy S8 Keep Saying Moisture Detected?

If your Samsung Galaxy S8 is saying moisture detected, it may be because of a few different reasons.

Charging will not be allowed if there is water in the USB port of your device or if moisture is found to be above a predetermined level. This is a precaution to guard against damage and corrosion to your phone.

If the water drop icon for moisture detection appears on your device, you should turn it off and let it air dry fully. Try clearing your USB cache if the icon does not go and your charging problems persist.

Make sure your device’s software and associated apps are updated to the most recent version before attempting the suggestions below. Follow these procedures to update the software on your mobile device:

  • Go to Settings > Software update
  • Click “Download and install.”


  • Complete the steps outlined on the screen.

A moisture detection sensor is included in devices with a waterproof rating of IP68 and higher (the majority of the Galaxy series including Samsung Galaxy S8), which helps to protect them from water damage. Charging will halt and an error message will be sent if moisture is found in the USB port.

In this situation, unplug your smartphone from the charger before shaking it lightly (5–10 times) or wiping it with a dry cloth to remove any extra moisture. Dry using a fan or place your phone on a piece of fabric in a well-ventilated space.

Try clearing your USB cache if you still have trouble charging your smartphone after drying it off. Your “Moisture Detected “error should be fixed as a result.

What Happens When You Block A Number On Samsung Galaxy S8?

If you block a number on your Samsung Galaxy S8, you will no longer be able to be contacted by that person.

When you block someone, there is a notification that appears on your phone indicating that the number has been blocked. It is also possible for you to take a number off your Block list if you changed your mind. There are two approaches.

  • Tap the person you want to unblock after finding and opening the Contacts app.
  • After selecting More, select Unblock contact.

As an alternative, you can find and launch the Phone app. Select Settings after selecting More options (the three vertical dots). To remove a phone number from your Block list, tap Block numbers, then hit the Delete icon.

Can Airpods Connect To Samsung Galaxy S8?

Yes, the AirPods will be able to connect to your Samsung Galaxy S8. AirPods are wireless earphones that work with any of your Apple devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and many other smartphones have Bluetooth 4.2 that allows for the AirPods to connect and pair with your device easily. These two features together make it possible to use the AirPods wirelessly.

The AirPods are able to connect up to 10 feet away from the Samsung Galaxy S8 by using NFC and Bluetooth 4.2. The distance is a bit shorter, but still usable if you want to turn your phone around or walk somewhere instead of having them in your ear.

The AirPods should automatically connect when you open the Music, Videos, or Photos app on your Samsung Galaxy S8. They will receive audio for calls and play/pause music when tapped on the screen.

If you are using more than one Samsung Galaxy S8 device and pair them all with the AirPods, they should automatically connect as long as they are within Bluetooth range of each other.



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